High Reach Farm website

Many of our clients have been small non-profit organizations with limited budgets for website development. Our approach is collaborative. We work extensively with members of your organization during the planning and designing phases of a project. Our websites are easy to navigate and maintain; while providing a rich source of information about your organization.

Most of our Web design clients will want to maintain their own Web sites. Towards this end we provide training to selected members of your organization on how to update your site.

Sites are designed using WordPress. Every completed Web site includes a guide to updating customized for your organization. We can also help you register a domain name and/or find an appropriate Web hosting service.

“Bonnie helped us launch our website at Northeast Kingdom Habitat for Humanity, and has helped us upgrade it and update it. Her work has included design of the site, placing photos and other graphics, setting up contact methods and paths, and tech support as we have gone along. The site is a true asset. Our clients can also download posters, invitations and applications. Bonnie is great to work with.”

Dan Swainbank,President
Northeast Kingdom Habitat for Humanity

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