Solbakken Technology Partners has been working with businesses and organizations in Vermont and New Hampshire since 1998.  Our goal is to help businesses and organizations work smarter and more productively. We’ll work with you to find the right solution to your current and future needs.

Working as technical coaches, we design, implement, and then teach you how to be capable and confident in using creative and affordable business solutions. We can help you make informed decisions about website development and training so that the end result meets your needs and budget. Whether you need a website, database development or documentation, we can help.

Sigurd Andersen

Sigurd has been working with computers and helping people learn how to use them for over 40 years. He has wide-ranging experience with small computers. In addition to being able to field general questions, he is particularly adept at helping others solve problems using databases, spreadsheets, and other tools. He is an excellent teacher, and enjoys finding ways to explain technical concepts without using jargon. Since moving to Vermont Sig has taught courses, designed databases, coordinated and facilitated workshops, and helped many people with their computer questions.

Bonnie Dasher-Andersen

Bonnie has been doing technical writing and training since 1986. Before moving to Vermont, Bonnie was instrumental in the design and production of courseware at Online Consulting in Wilmington, DE. She also has extensive experience training users in a relaxed, hands-on classroom environment. Additionally she has experience working with clients in designing and implementing technology training programs. Bonnie is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

Since moving to Vermont, Bonnie has done public relations work, collaborated on the design of a training program for adjudicators, done grant research, taught PC workshops, designed web sites for non-profit organizations and continued to write courseware. She has been the coordinator of the Vermont Arts Council’s Head Start Arts Partnership and has taught at the Community College of Vermont. Most recently Bonnie was the Technology Coordinator at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum. In 2013 Bonnie designed a series of lunchtime Brown Bag presentations called Make Microsoft Office Work for YOU! For more information on this series, email us.

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